Jules Kremer

Jules KremerTechnical Project Manager at Google

Jules has spent over 20 years in the tech industry focused on software development & business strategy.  She joined Google in 2010 leading a global team of strategists and analysts focused on strategic market intelligence.  In 2014, Jules moved to the Angular team, managing developer relations & product strategy, and, most recently Jules has taken on leading the Developer Relations teams for Cloud Startups, Higher Education & G Suite Developer Platform.
Prior to Google, she has worked at Microsoft on developer tools, strategy and software architecture and owned a consulting firm providing software solutions to a wide range of businesses. On a personal note, Jules has two children: Gavin, studying computer science at CalPoly Pomona (the apple does not fall far from the tree), and Seren, a varsity cheerleader in Southern California.  Jules has a passion for supporting women and kids in tech, bending into pretzel-like positions (otherwise known as yoga), hiking long secluded trails and wielding a machete in the jungles of Maui.

Jules will be speaking on Day 1 on Google My Business | Analytics to Understand Your Customers and on Day 2 will be going further in depth in a workshop on “G” Suite Platforms.


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