Alexandrina Garcia-Verdin

AGV Google G-suite Developer Advocate
AGV, G Suite Developer Advocate

Alexandrina’s passion, both at Google and in her personal time, is in making two topics, sustainability and technology, more readily accessible to her communities by learning new techniques herself and then creating public free content on the subject . AVG (as she is commonly referred to) has worked at Google for over six years sharing best practices on how G Suite helps organizations at every phase of its growth along with culture tips and tricks. The first 4 years she worked with SMBs in the US and in Latin America, and then moved on for a year and a half work with organizations in the public sector such as State and Local or water utilities.

In her current role AVG is a G Suite Developer Advocate, focused on making app-building tools easier for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Alexandrina will be speaking on Day 1 on Free Tools to Empower Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs)  and on Day 2 she will go deeper with How to Use Free Tools to Grow Your Community and Business in an interactive workshop.


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